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Dirty Duo Training Runs

Here's options for training:

  1. 50/27/15 km clinic
  2. orientation runs

Clinic: 50/27/15 km Training Clinic (10 weeks)

Time: Saturdays 8:30 am

Register: Register online at RaceOnline (coming soon) or bring cheque on first day.

Prerequisite: able to run 10 km on road

Place: See schedule on Mountain Madness Clinics page at

Orientation Runs (no cost)

Mountain Madness is providing 2 orientation runs for the 25 and 15 km routes.

Time: Saturdays 8:30 am

Place: See schedule below.

Date/Time Meeting Place Distance
Sat Feb 6 LSCR parking lot. Take Lillooet Road north past Capilano University, all the way to the parking lot. 12 or 18 km
Sat Feb 20 Jaycee House 1251 Lillooet Road. Turn left on Inter River Park Drive, park down by the soccer field. Meet at Jaycee House. 15 or 22 km

Training Tips for
27 km Run
An ideal program has one long run, one speed workout, one road run or tempo run, fitness training (twice per week), and cross-training (bike or spin classes).

Build distance gradually.

Include hills in your program.

To maintain speed, include road runs and speed workouts

Sample long run program with a 10 km base:
  • Dec runs: 12, 12, 14, 10 km
  • Jan runs: 12, 15, 12, 15, 15 km
  • Feb runs: 17, 18, 21, 12 km

  • Always refuel after 45-60 minutes; you need carbs.

    Here's a loop to work on hills: park at Hyannis Drive, take Baden-Powell (B-P) north to Bridle Path, turn right and follow Bridle to Old Buck, up Old Buck (time yourself), at top go left onto B-P. At B-P post at Mushroom Trail intersection, left to go down B-P (also called Seymour Grind here) to intersection of Bridle. Turn right to return to Hyannis.

    Next time, reverse the loop. Go up Seymour Grind to Mushroom Trail, turn right to stay on B-P, go down Old Buck, turn right at Horse Loop to go back on Bridle Path.