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"Another great Dirty Duo. The volunteers were incredibly enthusiastic and numerous. The course was very well-marked and, as always, filthy and fun. Many thanks!"
David Crerar

"Just a quick thank you for ANOTHER great Dirty Duo, always one of my favourites of the year (and always one of the most painful, being at the front end of the calendar!). The organization is always superb, the route fun and challenging, the volunteers contagiously chipper and happy, and the lasagne at the finish line deeply appreciated! See you next year. Cheers,"
Magnus Verbrugge

"I just wanted to say thank you for the race, I had a wonderful time and I think its one of the best organized races I've ever participated in. I had a great time and I'll see you next fall for the phantom."

"Great Event! I'll definitely be back next year. Thank You!"

"Thank you Heather and your crew, for working so hard for the runners and bikers this year. The course was great and the support wonderful. Take a well deserved break and thank you again for all of your hard work. Take care."

"Thanks again for putting on a great race. My legs remember every step of it today! I certainly enjoyed the adventure of it all ... Especially as the entire course (and area) was new to me. I hope the rest of the race went off well for you and that everyone made it in safely. Please let me know how I might get a hold of the race picture."

"I thought the organization and the race(s) went very well indeed. Congratulations to you and all your colleagues on a super job!"

"I wanted to let you know that I thought that your race was really well organized and the volunteers were excellent."

"Well done with the race organizing, you did an amazing job, thanks!!!!"

"It was great to see a slickly run event, with everything on time, good signage, plenty of marshals and food and water on the course. The event had a great down-to-earth local feel to it, which is refreshing compared to other popular events which just get too big and lose character. Thanks to you and your huge team of volunteers for a great day."

Thanks for putting on such a great event. You can even take credit for the weather!! Fine with me.