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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q - Will I be able to use my rigid bike?
    A - Yes, you can use a rigid bike, but it will take you longer as the course is pretty technical. You will end up walking down some sections like Neds and some sections of Bridle are quite rough.

  • Q - Race times. What are the estimated finishing times?
    A - Here are some sample times from 2006:
    25 km run - Best = 2:08, Avg = 3:10
    50 km ultra - Best = 4:35, Avg = 6:15, Cutoff = 8.5 hrs (early start available)
    Solo - Best = 4:34, Avg = 5:10, Cutoff = 8 hours
    Bike only - Best = 1:49, Avg = 2:15
    15 km predicted - Best = 1:33, Avg = 2:10

  • Q - Do I need a partner
    A - No, you do not need a partner unless you are doing the relay. You may choose to run or bike by yourself.

  • Q - Food at aid stations. What food and drink is available at the aid stations?
    A - There are 5 aid stations which will stock the following (Riverside, Old Buck, Ned's, Fisherman's, Gazebo): Water, Electrolyte drink, Bars, Hot soup, Cooked potatoes, Chips, Pretzels, Cookies, Gummies, Coke and other goodies. The finish line will have hot food such as lasagna and beverages.

  • Q - Bag drop for 50 km. Is there a bag drop for 50 km?
    A - Yes, we will transport your gear to the gazebo aid station in LSCR. Mark your bag with your name.

  • Q - Markings? How will the trails be marked?
    A - Trails will be marked with bright tape, signage and laminated letters of the alphabet so you can follow them in a sequence.

  • Q - Support? Can my crew provide support?
    A - Yes, they may provide fuel at aid stations only.
    Noooooooo, they cannot change your tire. Don't ask me again.

  • Q - Awards. What are the categories for awards?
    A - Medals are awarded to top three by gender in each category. There are many draw prizes available at the awards ceremony.

  • Q - Trekking poles. Are trekking poles okay?
    A - No, do not bring trekking poles. No, no, no.

  • Q - Dogs. Can my dog Ginger run with me?
    A - No, do not bring your dog. My decision is final.

  • Q - Disqualification. What are the rules for disqualification?
    A - Littering on purpose.
    - Crew support provided away from an aid station.
    - Taking shortcuts off the marked trail.
    - Not respecting marshal's instructions (for example, not waiting for a vehicle to pass before crossing Lillooet Road).
    - Any other behaviour we deem to be bad!

  • Q - Registration. Can I register at package pickup?
    A - Yes, but you will be paying late fees. See early/late fees.

  • Q - Where can I stay close to the start?
    A - Holiday Inn North Vancouver - 700 Old Lillooet Rd
    The Holiday Inn is only 1.5 km away from the race start. What a perfect way to warm up for the race by a brisk walk through the clear morning air. Please follow this link to find out more about this fabulous hotel.

  • Q - This race sounds like a lot of fun, but I am just wondering how technical the mountain bike section is. I am not too familiar with the North Shore bike scene, only by reputation which seems to be quite technical. I am certainly comfortable on my bike but I can't do big drops or ride across thin 5 cm width logs. Can you please give me an idea on how difficult the biking is before I consider this race.
    A - We'll let's just say that you can ride the whole thing (with the exception of one mandatory portage down stairs for safety) on a bike with front shocks only. The terrain is technically challenging on some of the flats and uphills. Down Ned's there are various options to go around the big stunts. If you want a challenging race and a good workout with lots-o-fun then come on out. It's a tough course and it's meant to be that way but not impossible.

    Check around on the web for some of the Mt. Seymour trail descriptions for details on these trails: Ned's Atomic Dust Bin, Bottle Top, Bridle Path, Old Buck, and Baden Powell - that'll give you an idea.

    Stop by Steed Cycles 969 Marine Drive in North Vancouver and ask about the route. Better yet, come out for an orientation ride.