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The Dirty Duo - Saturday March 7, 2015

What's New?
What is the Dirty Duo?
Can I Do It?

What's New?

  • NEW! 2015 Results will be posted here once the race is complete.
  • NEW! Finalized race maps are available on the course maps page.
  • We have revised the race route due to Twin Bridge closure.
  • New sponsor Zinetti Foods! Dirty Duo racers will recognize their fabulous lasagna served at the finish. We are excited that they are on board.
  • Trail Work - Sat March 14, 2015 in North Vancouver at 9 am, send email to if you can attend.
  • "Dirty Duo is like no other race in North Vancouver. It really brings together the mountain bike and running community. Which is perfect because we share the trails throughout the year anyway. Based on the flawlessness of the day, it's clear you've found the world's best volunteers, from those freezing atop Ned's to those dodging traffic with a stop sign. At every aid station and check point, volunteers were cheering, helpful, and most importantly, smiling. Thank you so so much to the entire Dirty Duo Crew. A world class event." TC

What is the DIRTY DUO?

Being mountain bikers and trail runners, we want to share what living and playing on the rugged North Shore trails is all about!! This scenic trail race will challenge beginners as well as extreme athletes. Here are the six options:
  • Run 25 km,
  • Run 15 km,
  • Run 50 km,
  • Do a relay; one runs and the other rides,
  • Do it all! Go solo and do both the 25 km run and 30 km bike,
  • Mountain bike 30 km only.

Note: You do not need to run and bike; you can choose one event!

Check out our race categories to get a better idea of the different ways that the Dirty Duo can challenge you.

Can I Do It?

Yes! You can do it, if you:
  • Have built up a solid base on trails,
  • Can run for 3-4 hours (25 km race) or for 6-8 hours (50 km race) by race day,
  • Have experience with trail races and recognize that they take longer than road races,
  • Want an early race to kick start your year,
  • Have previewed Bridle Path and Ned's Atomic Dust Bin (oh yeah) on your mountain bike. Ned's is rather technical.


"It was great to see a slickly run event, with everything on time, good signage, plenty of marshals and food and water on the course. The event had a great down-to-earth local feel to it, which is refreshing compared to other popular events which just get too big and lose character. Thanks to you and your huge team of volunteers for a great day."

Mountain Madness Race Series
Dirty Duo (March)
Iron Knee/Tender Knee (May)
Fat Dog 100 (August)
Hallow's Eve (October)
Phantom Run (November)


Running portion
of Dirty Duo sanctioned
by BC Athletics
BC Athletics


Event Details
North Vancouver, BC

Jaycee House
1251 Lillooet Rd.
Limited 'free' parking available, lots of pay parking for $3/day at nearby Capilano University.